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College Finals and a Puppy Party December 13, 2010

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The bad economy and a scary job market add to already stressed out college students. Silly, fun, and hilarious extra-curricular events plus greater attention to the mental health of emerging adults is the antidote and preventative medicine that colleges across the country employ to take a bit of the pressure off. One positive alternative to more alcohol and drugs to relieve stress …

On a lawn at the Claremont campus, two fenced pens were set up, one with six bunnies and the other with 10 puppies. Over two hours, about 300 students took turns climbing inside and playing with the animals at the student-organized event.

I wonder about the stress level the puppies endured …

The American College Health Association estimates 40 percent of male students and half of female students report feeling so depressed that, at least once in the past year, it interfered with their day-to-day functioning.

Is it possible that helicopter parents rob their midadolescents of the opportunities to develop important life skills that include managing time, stress, and relationships? High School life at its best includes supportive parents who are present yet allow their children to face and navigate the inevitable pressures of deciding how to prioritize and eliminate the unimportant from the necessary.

Some scholars note that social media, including Facebook and Twitter, create their own frustrating and numbing sense of anxiety. One professor invites his students to abstain from all social media during the duration of his semester course, journaling their experience. There is good advice and tips for reducing social media stress from mashable.com.

We are all better off if, during this Christmas season, we slow down, disconnect appropriately, and focus on what matters most.


Connect with Kids : Weekly News Stories : “Teens Drop Sports” January 18, 2010

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According to the National Alliance for Youth Sports, 73 percent of kids drop organized sports by age 13. Why?

“The pressure really becomes too much, and after a while they really become disillusioned with the entire sports scene, and get tired of it and finally say, ‘That’s it for me.'” Dr. Richard Winer, a psychiatrist in metro-Atlanta.

The girls now try out for the school plays. Their advice to parents about sports: “It’s not like life or death situations. It’s just a game,” says Katie.

According to experts at the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA), children’s main motives to participate in sports and compete are:

  • To have fun;
  • To improve skills;
  • To be with friends; and
  • To improve health and fitness.

In addition, experts at the AVCA say some of the major reasons for sports dropouts are:

  • Overemphasis on winning;
  • Not having fun;
  • Stress of competition; and
  • Disliking the coach.

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