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Falcon’s name is Falcon, not “——n boy” October 26, 2009

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The Los Angeles Times reports today on the top five YouTube searches for the week ending Friday, October 23, 2009.

The fourth most viewed video [right after #3 – “Bounce” by Jonas Brothers and #2 – “Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer”] is titled ‘”Balloon Boy” Falcon Heene Admits: “We Did This for the Show.”‘ The Times also reports that “Balloon Boy” was the third most popular search on Google for the same week.

i am real

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names” … and labels and rampant media highlights can scar an individual boy for life. You and I, and all the caring adults that come into contact with Falcon these next days must look into his eyes, see past the flip pseudonyms, find ways to separate out what his parents have done to him, and love and respect him as a real person. He is a boy with a name, a name that is not concocted from what he has done or experienced, or determined by how we view him, but because he is created in the image of the one who knew him before he was born.

May we learn from Falcon how to love each person we meet without putting them in a box created by our preconceived categories designed to shortcut taking each other more seriously.

I had originally considered posting a photo of Falcon [his image is all over the internet] but refrained because he deserves more privacy than notoriety.