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msnbc video: Are 20-somethings afraid of growing up? August 25, 2010

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msnbc video: Are 20-somethings afraid of growing up?.

What are the implications for parenting and for secondary school teachers and youth workers in our churches?


One Response to “msnbc video: Are 20-somethings afraid of growing up?”

  1. Andy Says:

    From a youth worker perspective, I think it is important to encourage kids to take risk. If you live a risk averse life, then your confidence will never be shattered. Your life also wont really start.

    What I have also noticed amongst my friends in their upper 20s that those who are married matured greatly and “grew up” once marriage started. While my co-workers the same age are afraid of marriage but live with their boyfriend or girlfriend and have no desire to get married and settle down. Which then leads them to getting the same job a 23 year old grad student has.

    Even for myself, the idea of getting married is pushing me to mature quite a bit. While if I had no need or desire to marry, I would just hang out and travel.

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