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Frontline: digital_nation – life on the virtual frontier February 3, 2010

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Last night I watched with great interest and fascination the PBS documentary that presents an in-depth exploration of what it means to be human in a 21st-century digital world.

Frontline: digital_nation – life on the virtual frontier

This is a great resource for parents, educators, coaches, youth workers, and anyone who cares about not only the way kids are accessing technology, but its impact on all of us. There is a parent quiz helping you discover your digital parenting style. There are also helpful digital workshops for parents and educators. The report is created and produced by award winning Rachel Dretzin, who is joined by commentator Douglas Rushkoff – a leading thinker and writer on the digital revolution.

You can watch the entire show online and also access Rachel Dretzin’s previous documentary, Growing Up Online.

The documentary did not supply many solutions to the very real challenges presented by our digital age, but it did leave two significant suggestions.

  1. It is vital we not fear technology but instead continually ask ourselves a key question: what is the impact technology is having on us, the user?
  2. Second, we must set boundaries for ourselves and our children for when, where, and for how long we will be connected to technology. There is a time to shut it off.

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