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Leonard Kleinrock: Mr. Internet — latimes.com October 24, 2009

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Leonard Kleinrock: Mr. Internet — latimes.com.

One of the “true” fathers of the Internet makes an insightful observation about the downside of the Internet:

Kids have retreated out of the physical world into the cyber world. It gives them a larger reach, [but] they’re not getting out in the sun, playing with other kids and looking in their eyes and watching their body language as much as they used to, which I think is a shame and can create a kind of indifference in the way in which you deal with your peers. Excesses include things like notifying your significant other [by computer] that you’re no longer significant to them.

I resonate with his lament that we [not just kids] look into one another’s eyes and observe body language less carefully and intentionally. Communicating through texting is revolutionary, efficient, and to be used. But take time to do some non-judgmental yet careful observation of yourself and others as you pay attention to the tiny screen in your hands. Do our conversations with those physically present often or regularly get interrupted by the diversion of our eyes to the email, text, or call? Mine do, and I’m trying to be more present and aware.


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